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We currently accept online payments with a number of credit cards using VCS (Virtual Card Systems) secure server payment gateway. The current credit cards we accept include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club


Sneakers ( reserve the right to withhold any order from despatch in order to process further security checks. This can delay an order for up to 36 hours


Many internet users are concerned about security on the web - below are answers to few questions we are commonly asked:


Who are Virtual Card Systems (VCS)? - Sneakers ( has chosen Virtual Card Systems (VCS) as a partner for its secure server software. They are a leading payment system provider to online businesses. For further information about Virtual Card Systems (VCS) please visit their web site at


Is shopping with Sneakers ( safe? - Communication between you, us and Virtual Card Systems (VCS) is encrypted using the SSL mechanism built into your browser. This ensures that even if someone were able to monitor the traffic between you and the Virtual Card Systems (VCS) server, they would not be able to read it. Encryption is used on all pages within the buying process, making shopping on Sneakers ( as safe as possible


How do we protect the Buyers Data? - The Virtual Card Systems (VCS) software sits behind a corporate firewall. Access to this machine is strictly controlled, preventing unauthorized access to your personal data. Once you have passed your Credit Card details to Sneakers (, they are stored on the Virtual Card Systems (VCS) server in an encrypted format. Not even Sneakers has access to your credit card details.


Do you check for fraudulent cards? - When we receive your Credit Card details, an on-line check of your Credit Card is conducted with their Acquiring bankers. This process ensures the number you entered actually corresponds to a real credit card number and is not a bogus card. The Virtual Card Systems (VCS) system also checks various "Hot Card lists" to ensure that no fraudulent use is being made of any Credit Card. This on-line verification of your details is carried out over a secure line to the bank. Credit Card data is, at no time, sent over the Internet during the validation process.


What is the Card Security Number? This is a special 3 digit number that appears on the far right side of the signature strip on your card. This number is unique to each card, and gives you extra protection against fraud.


Is the transaction Real-Time? - All Credit Card transactions are completed in real-time. After you have confirmed your purchase, we make an immediate connection to VCS who in turn pass it onto the issuing bank to verify the card and amount, so that authorization is given before we complete the order.


Do I have any Legal Protection? - You are protected by the normal laws of South Africa

If you have any further concerns about security or payments, please feel free to contact our customer service department on


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